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May 2013

From Ann Allums, Program Coordinator for World Cynosport Rally Limited: "We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions at wtih information for competitors transitioning from APDT Rally, including how to log in to your WCRL competitor account."


August 2012

APDT has announced they have transferred ownership and management of their Rally program to the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA).

Please note as part of the transistion agreement, USDAA has agreed to operate the Rally program with its current set of rules, regulations, and price structure.

Here is a portion of the announcement as posted on the APDT website:

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is pleased to announce the upcoming transition of the APDT Rally program to the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA). The program will be known as World Cynosport® APDT Rally during the transition period. …

The APDT and USDAA staffs are currently developing a timeframe for the transition and expect the transition to be completed by the end of 2012. As part of the transition agreement, USDAA has agreed to:

  • Allow all current exhibitors to transition to the new program without additional registration. Future registrants would receive a single registration good for all USDAA programs currently offered (Rally, Agility, etc.)
  • Continue to operate the Rally program with its current set of rules and regulations and price structure.
  • All titles and awards previously awarded would be recognized and integrated into the USDAA master database.
  • Create a Competition Rules Standards Advisory Board to consult and advise among leaders in the current APDT Rally program and to represent the interests of competitors and others with experience in the field in order to maintain continuity and to make recommendations for future changes and development.
  • Seek to develop and promote a world championship tournament series for Rally, the finals of which would be held at the USDAA’s annual Cynosport® World Games.
  • Promote the program nationally and internationally to attract dog owners worldwide to participate in interactive dog sports and activities as a means of providing quality of life for people and their pets.

In addition, the USDAA and the APDT will work together to educate the public on the important elements of responsible pet ownership, including the importance of training and socialization, being active for quality of life, and basic health and care of pets.

APDT believes that this move will make Rally even bigger and better. For more information, please go to


June 2011

APDT has announced a number of rules and guidelilnes revisions. Please visit for details regarding these changes.

Revision topics pertaining directly to competitors include:

March 15, 2010

APDT has made two updates to the bonus exercises:

New Level 2 Bonus Exercise 2:  

This exercise is now comprised of two signs:  1) Halt Leave Dog, 2) Turn Call Front as the judge walks past.

Note:  This was previously the Level 3 Bonus Exercise 3 and can be seen being correctly performed by clicking on the Level 3 Bonus exercise section of your Ready to Rally DVD.

New Level 3 Bonus Exercise 3:  

This exercise is now a stand with distraction and is comprised of two signs: 1) Halt Stand With Distraction, 2) Return and Forward from Stand.  During this exercise, the judge will walk in a circle around the dog, but will no longer touch the dog. 

update video

 Click the image above to see this bonus demonstrated.
 (Will show in a new window or new tab.)

*See for the most up-to-date description of these bonus exercises.  On this website APDT has also added clarity to the descriptions of the regular Level 1, 2, and 3 exercises. 


January 16, 2010

On-line access to trial records from APDT (cont.) --

From Linda Sperco, APDT Rally Coordinator: "Please remember that there is a one year time limit to researching/correcting trial score discrepancies. The rally office does not save post trial paperwork older than one year nor are trial hosts required to save their post trial paperwork older than one year.

"Now that online trial record lookup is available, it is the exhibitor's responsibility to utilize this service and advise the rally office immediately of any discrepancies.

"Please also remember that you must send in the Admin Research Request form and be sure to fill out the second page. There is no charge for the research but if it turns out an incorrect registration number was furnished to or by the trial host, there will be a charge. Please do not send a message to this list and please do not send the information in an email to the rally office.

"Thank you all."


September 5, 2009

On-line access to trial records from APDT --

From Linda Sperco, APDT Rally Coordinator: "The APDT Rally office is pleased to announce that exhibitors may now access their dog's individual trial records on-line, at no charge. This is available by clicking on the Trial Record Lookup link on the Rally homepage.

"You will need your dog's correct and complete APDT Rally registration number and your dog's breed as acknowledged on your APDT Rally registration in order to view your dog's trial records."


August 20, 2009

Effective date of the new ARCHMX title --

Linda Sperco has announced that the effective date of the new ARCHMX title (see orignal info below) has been moved to September 1, 2009. Linda also noted that scores earned prior to September 1 will not be credited toward the ARCHMX.


July 1, 2009

New ARCHMX title --

Linda Sperco, the APDT Rally Coordinator, recently announced that the APDT Board of Directors approved a proposal originating with Sandi Ver Sprill to create a new championship title: the ARCHMX - APDT Raly Master Champion.

This title will be effective January 1, 2010 and scores earned prior to that date will not count towards the ARCHMX.

According to Linda, to earn the ARCHMX title, a team must:

  1. Earn the ARCHEX title.
  2. Earn an additional 10 QQQ's at Levels 1, 2, and 3 with scores of 195 or above.
  3. As with the ARCH, ARCHX, and ARCHEX QQ's, for the ARCHMX each set of QQQ's must be earned at the same trial.



January 21, 2009

Thanks very much for your interest in APDT Rally and in our Ready to Rally! DVD.  

On this page, we'll post news that affects APDT Rally competition and also provide updated information related to the demonstrations provided on the DVD.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you in this manner.  Feel free to contact us at anytime via the e-mail links given below.

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