Reviews from Judges, Publications, & Rally Participants

From APDT judges . . .

Each component of this DVD was carefully reviewed by APDT judges, and we are very grateful for their help and support. Here are some of their summary comments:

"Absolutely wonderful! ... a perfect 210! ... will inspire folks to train their dogs and develop the type of relationship that is so clearly evident on the screen -- just lovely.   It will also be a great teaching tool for instructors." 

- Linda Sperco, APDT Rally Coordinator, Judge, and Senior Representative

"Very well done and everything a handler could ask for to begin training for APDT Rally or as a refresher for handlers who want to refine their performance ... [Also, Clarissa's tips] are a wonderful addition covering APDT guidelines and personal hints from years of ring experience." 

- Cindi Nicotera, APDT Rally Judge and Senior Representative

The use of APDT Rally signs and exercise descriptions was sanctioned for use in this video by the APDT Board of Directors. 


From published reviews . . .

"There is nothing not to like about this DVD, and for those interested in APDT Rally, it is a wonderful tool to learn everything you need to know about the competition. ...

"Ms. Bergeman's love of Rally and her dedication to positive training shine through not only in her words, 'all dogs are encouraged to participate...and a positive relationship is at the heart of APDT Rally,' but also in her gentle, precise handling and obvious great working relationship with Anny. Those watching the video will learn just as much about obedience handling as they will about rally, just from observing Clarissa and Anny working together. The hand signals and body language are precise yet unobtrusive; the timing as Ms. Bergeman pauses to let the dog settle at the end of an exercise is important, and her sweet praise for Anny is something for competitors to remember when out on a course...

"The DVD is set up so that one can easily search whatever category of Rally they have interest in and is divided into sections covering Levels One through Three exercises. ... The explanations are clear and easy to understand, and [Clarissa] also includes hints about how to correctly perform the exercises as well as ways to remember how to do them correctly." 

-  The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, January/February, 2010.    Review by Valerie Pollard, Professional charter member of APDT, Endorsed by NADOI, Certified member of IAABC.   


And these comments from rally participants . . .

"I ordered the video on Wednesday and received it today [two days later]  in the mail!!!

"Just finished watching and want to send big thanks to Clarissa and all involved in creating this wonderful instructional video !!! I am new to all this and found it very clear and easy to understand."

- Sharon Huskey and Lucy the lab,  Maryland

"The video is awesome!  Best dog training video I ever bought!"

- Jan Sund and Colby, Russ & Angel the dachshunds and Carly the Jack Russell, Illinois

"I just watched my Ready to Rally DVD for the third time and want to thank you so much for producing it.  We live in Northern Minnesota and have no handy resources that aren't at least 100 miles away in any direction.  We have managed to make it through Level 1 but were really having difficulty picturing (and practicing) some of the Level 2 exercises properly; even after watching them numerous times at the three trials we've attended.  You did a marvelous job of explaining and I loved your tips.  Greatest thanks to you and Anny (and George)!"

- Sue Dearholt and Quigley the standard poodle, Minnesota

"Your DVD on Rally is wonderful. Everything is explained and demonstrated so well. ... The run through was so well done with the signs showing up on the left side of the screen. This will be a huge help to me. Thanks so much!

- Donna Douse and Toby & Tashi the Shih Tzus, Maryland


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